Complete Hearing Evaluation

Hearing loss can be resolved or at least managed better if identified at an early stage. Want to find out if you have hearing problems? Get a complete hearing evaluation conducted by the hearing professional at Hearing Solutions LLC in Hernando, MS. Trust us to check your auditory perception and recommend the appropriate type of hearing aid for you.

Hernando Audiology

Hearing Evaluation Process

The Hearing Test Itself Is Fairly Simple And Will Include The Following

1. Questions about your hearing and general health;

2. A look at your ear canal and eardrum with a special magnifying light called an otoscope while you are seated; and

3. A series of sound prompts played for you while you are seated in a sound booth with specially designed headphones. The hearing specialist will communicate with you through the headphones to determine if you are hearing different types of sounds and words at different volumes.

4. Discussion with you about your loss (if any) and demonstration of possible styles and fittings appropriate for you.

5. Then you think about what is best for you and prepare to hear again!

Hernando Hearing Exam

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Start communicating with your loved ones in an easier and better way. Trust us to make an accurate assessment of your hearing level and help increase speech audibility. Give us a call and speak with one of our friendly staff. We are glad to accommodate your needs and deliver the hearing services and products you require.